Cheddars Casual Cafe Franchise

Cheddars Casual Cafe Franchise:- The Cheddar's Casual café concept was originally cooked up by two founders, Aubrey Good and Doug Rogers. They dreamed up this unique and innovative concept a long time ago, and the first restaurant that opened was a Cheddar's Casual café location just outside of Six Flags in Arlington, Texas in 1978. Since then, the Cheddar's Casual ...

Cheddars Casual Cafe Franchise Details

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  • Investment Required
  • Investment Level: $ 125 K
  • Training and Support: Yes

Today there are more than sixty Cheddar's Casual café franchise restaurants all over the nation. The Cheddar's Casual café franchise concept still has a lot of growing to do, and a lot of room left to do it in, but the popularity of the company is spanning the country and the Cheddar's Casual café franchise is building a serious name for itself. Although still using the Cheddar's Casual café name, many of the franchise restaurants are simply known as Cheddar's now. This is a chain of casual dining restaurants that is headquartered in and based out of Texas. There are Cheddar's franchise units in as many as fifteen other states, with a lot of room for future growth.

At the Cheddar's Casual café, things are done differently and the faces behind the franchise operation are proud of their innovations. The goal behind the Cheddar's Casual café franchise is simple, and has to do with making every guest happier upon leaving than they were upon arrival. The Cheddar's Casual café franchise operation knows that this is done by positively impacting the lives of every single customer serviced. This same commitment is also offered to the people who work for the Cheddar's Casual café franchise, including managers, employees and individual owner / operator franchisees. The Cheddar's Casual café franchise operation knows that treating people right means that success will follow. Enthusiasm is bread by camaraderie and respect, and this concept begins by making every single guest feel comfortable, as if they were in the comfort of their very own homes, but also entertaining them as if they were a guest in ours.

The Cheddar's Casual café franchise is always looking for individuals who are dedicated, hard working and fun loving, and who can devote themselves to turning the Cheddar's Casual café franchise brand into even more of a success than it already is.

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